Xython Septus2

Lord Osus in his Abyssal Armor.

Lord Osus, born Xython Septus, is a Sith Pureblood and Warlord of House Septus. He is the middle brother of the three Septus Sons, born to Karath Septus and Yurith Septus. His older brother is Arishol Septus and his younger brother is Mau Septus.

Appearance Edit

Xython, throughout his life, has had a very toned frame. He was shorter than Arishol for first few years of his life but at age fifteen he had a growth spurt that resulted in him growing to 6'9" and towering over most of his peers. His hair has grown to long lengths over the years but is kept straight and brushed. It is kept hanging down the side of his face and draped down his shoulders and back most of the time, though when wearing his armor he keeps it tied up into a bushy foxtail. During his adult life, his body is extremely built with thick musculature all over his person.

His Abyssal Armor consists of a dark plate set with spiked shoulder pads jutting upwards, thick gauntlets, treads, and a dark cape with the Septus symbol emblazoned on it. His helm has slit-like visors with a diamond-shaped design around his mouth and nose.

The Sith Lord's body is decorated with scars and burns from various battles and conflicts, most notably a large scar across his chest where his heart is, gained from his fateful duel with his brother, Mau. On the back of his left shoulder is the Sith character for "Memory", burned into him by electric cables controlled by Arishol.

Personality Edit

Xython is a very troubled and complicated person whose history is soaked with the blood of friends and foes alike. At a young age, he had a very violent temperament and exceptional command of the Force, exhibited by the destruction his wailing caused during birth. Later on in his youth he was plagued by head pains and anger tantrums, often attempting to exert his anger on his older brother through sparring matches but losing consistently, which only made his frustration worsen. The only person who could calm his rage was his mother, Yurith, who would sing him a special lullaby to soothe him.

Xython never really held much resentment of his brother, Arishol. While Ari bested him at everything, the older brother was just and kind to the younger and helped teach him things to help in his training. However, he deeply hated his father, Karath, for the rigorous training he put Xython through that Arishol did not have to endure, such as gaining a resistance to pain and most poisons by tolerating them in small doses repeatedly. While he is thankful for these new skills and traits that have allowed him to become a feared warrior, the abuses he suffered at Karath's hands were never repented for.

Xython was in the waiting room the day his mother died giving birth to the final Septus son, Mau. The Force bond he had with his mother allowed him to feel her death and caused him a great deal of physical and emotional agony through grief. As a result, he despised Mau from birth and has sought to make his life horrible at every turn he could, from beating him excruciatingly in sparring matches to purposefully sabotaging his training exercises.