Appearance Edit

When he was born, Vladonious, had very dark red skin, along with spikes and ridges jutting out of his cheeks and face, he was born with solid black eyes, but as he grew, they turned to a darker yellow, with orange surrounding it. He had long dark chestnut hair, almost black in color, but along with his eyes, it lightened, by the age of twelve life days, he had light brown hair. He was never one for a lot of muscle, but neither was he fat, he trained enough to have abs, but just not a lot of muscles.

During his time with the Greys, he had barely any hair, as was required by his teacher, Zaxon Ragnork, and he wore tunics to hide his face from the enemies he had made. Almost all the tunics he owned were either grey, or black so he could hide in the shadows when necessary. But his favorite one was his green and silver one he wore to parties the Greys had in honor of their members.

When he joined the Ascendancy, he had long left the time of tunics, and adorned more threatening types of clothing. His mask has long spikes on the end near his chin, as too stab his enemies when needed, and a voice modifier to make him sound more like a droid, rather than a Sith Pureblood.

His chest piece, was made of ancient Rancor hide, hard as Mandalorian metal. It is a blue and purple primary, with a few differentacolors here and there. His trousers are the same as his chest piece.

His gloves are made from Sith silk, dyed black on Taris by Vladonious to mark his ownership. on his chest piece, he has a few tattoos and a symbol on the center of the cape side, a throne with a V in the center of it, surrounded by a silver circle. The Vong crest.

Personality Edit

Vladonious was always one for studying rather than adventuring, and one for reading rather than fighting, but when angered he was a force to be reckoned with, hence why his younger brothers never sought to rile their sibling, especially when he locked himself in the library, that is when you know he is upset.

Many young purebloods around Vladonious' age, always looked down upon him, thinking him weak for not going to dueling practice, or fighting lessons; they soon realized not to mess with him though, as one day someone had bullied Trinox enough to make him cry, the next day the boy was found with three broken ribs, his legs all but destroyed, and his hand twisted in a perfect three hundred and sixty degree angle.

The boy lived, but never messed with the Vong trio again.

Vladonious himself, was never one for emotions. He tried to lock them all away, so he did not have to deal with them ever again, but that proved to be difficult as his mother and brothers somehow wormed their way into his heart, and refused to leave.

History of Vladonious Edit

Birth of the trio Edit

Vladonious, oldest of the three brothers was born only two days before his second youngest brother Vlasoc was born, and only four days before his youngest brother Trinox was born. When they were born, the whole family came to celebrate the birth of new life.

What no one expected, was for the three to be able to almost communicate without talking, so they had no time to prepare for the trouble the trio would cause.

Early Life Edit

Vladonious was born to the world of Ziost, six hundred years before the sacking of the Jedi temple on Coruscant. He was the oldest son of Feruk Vong, and Avylix Vong. He along with his two brothers Vlasoc, and Trinox were the trio of trouble. Everyone on Ziost knew of the pranks they pulled on bullies, along with people who were known to be cruel and heartless.

The young boy loved to read, he read anything he could get his hands on, from new holo books, to ancient text on tablets of stone, or even cave walls. This only helped him, as he was the future head of his family, he needed to be able to understand any topic the might come up in a conference, or social event. His brothers often tried to get him to put his readings away, and go on a adventure with them. He would sometimes say no, but he almost always said yes.

He respected his father as a Sith lord, and hoped to one day be as great as him. His mother though, he loved his mother with his whole being, and dreaded the day he might live without her. She always encouraged him to continue on with his ways when his peers bullied him for being a bookworm.

When Vladonious was six life days old, he found a book on the more mental aspects of the Force, possession, barricading your mind, attacking someone else's mind through the Force, and even mindscaping. He studied for months, practicing the more defensive techniques first, then starting to attack animals, and people who he knew had weak minds, as it showed through the way they spoke to people.

He, unlike his brothers, showed a great talent in the Force at a young age. The second his father Feruk found out, he was whisked away from his childhood life, and put through many years of training. When he failed to do something with the Force, he was punished severely, usually by having his bare back flogged for seven hours straight. All this was done before he was ten life days old.

First kill Edit

On his tenth life day, his father gave him his grandfathers lightsaber, It was made from a very unusual type of material, Kryat dragon hide. He loved the feeling of it in his hand, he vowed never to lose it.

The next day, his father told him it was time for his trials to begin. Every male Vong had gone through their trials, and only those strong enough to survive them became men, he dreaded them, fearing that he would fail, and die a gruesome death. The first trial was that of blood, he had to travel with his two cousins, Ractrol, and vontros to Korriban, and retrieve a ancient artifact from his family tombs.

When they arrived, they each split up to find their own artifact, unfortunately for Vladonious, his was all the way in the back, in the oldest tomb. even worse, the tombs were crawling with Tukata, and K'lorg slugs. Even though he was sure he would die, he held his head high, and entered the tombs.

Amazingly, he did not run into a single beast, not one. He smiled and praised the Force for his luck when he arrived at the tomb entrance. He walked up the steps of the burial chamber, and came to a stop at a beautiful, and very old looking coffin. He looked around for the artifact and saw it, sitting on a small table, in the middle of the room.

He rushed for it, not noticing the transparent figure watching him from the shadows, shaking his head. Only when he reached the table did the figure make himself known. He spoke out his voice filling the chamber telling Vladonious, that he was the first Vong, and he was proud of how his family had become. But he could not allow Vladonious to take the artifact, as that was his only possession left of his wife.

Vladonious told him of the trial, and promised to bring it back, but the spirit was not one to believe things so easily, so he came up with a deal; if the boy could withstand anything he threw at him, then he could take the artifact. Of course under the rule he brought it back before he died.

The boy agreed to the conditions, and so the spirit brought out his most powerful servant, a ancient Monolith, as big as the whole room. Vladonious was scared, that was for certain, but he was not about to back down from the fight like a coward. He brought out his saber, and nodded to the spirit, and the battle began.

Vladonious and the monster went at each other for almost a hour, but soon Vladonious had blinded the beast, and climbed to the head, and plunged his saber into the skull, instantly killing it. It dropped to the floor, and disappeared.

The spirit nodded, and gave him the artifact. Vladonious returned to Ziost with his cousins and was acknowledged as the future heir to the Vong name.

Ziost Academy Edit

Many years after meeting his ancestor, Vladonious was accepted into the Ziost Academy for young Sith. It was known throughout the galaxy that this was a grand honor, as not many were accepted, and even fewer completed the rigorous training the instructors put them through. when Vladonious found out he was accepted, he was both happy, and sad. Happy he finally would be someone his father could be proud of, and sad that he would leave his family behind for a couple of years.

The night before he left, his family had a going away party. Everyone from Trinox, to his great uncle Randor attended, all bringing him things he would need at the academy, from food rations for training expeditions, to blankets for his cot. he just kept a smile on his face and thanked everyone. Later that night when everyone but he was asleep, he got out of bed, and went to his balcony, there he prayed to the Force to protect him throughout his time at the Academy.

The next day, he arrived. The place it's self was huge, four buildings for the main subjects, and sixteen for the electives he had to choose from. A large area of just grass and trees, with a few benches and tables for the times they had free periods to come and relax. And a dueling arena to top it off.

But what really impressed Vladonious, was the library, over five thousand books for him to get lost in, he looked around for hours, until it was time for lunch. in the dining room where all the students met, and sat at one of the many different tables, the professors introduced themselves.

Graduation Edit

Vladonious graduated three years ahead of the rest of his age group, the youngest person to graduate from the academy since it was built. All of his family except for his father showed up for the ceremony and party afterwards.

Vladonious danced with many young ladies, some of his own age, and quite a few that were older then him. He graduated with several degrees in the mystic arts as well as historic fields. His brothers although slightly jealous of his accomplishments were very happy for him, and proud to be his brothers.

Relationships Edit

Nytokris Dom: Vladonious looks upon her as a daughter he never had, she is one of the few people in his long life that has never betrayed his trust, or lied to him. If it were possible he would have named her his heir a month after they first met.

Arishol Septus: Arishol to Vladonious is a strong leader, who thinks with both his heart, and his head. Never failing to look at all sides in a situation, Vladonious rarely questions his lead, and when he does it is for a mere second.

Senyia Avis: Vladonious sees Senyia as a strong young lady, one who could lead armies to victory over any enemy given the orders, while she rarely speaks in council meetings one can never not notice her presence. And whenever he asks her for a friendly duel, he does so with a smirk on his face knowing he is going to lose.

Nurun Nugorun: Vladonious sees him as a smart young man, too loyal for his own good though. He has taken advice from Nurun many a time over his time with the ascendancy.

Zantherian: Zantherian is one of Vladonious's past students, and one of his most successful ones at that. He pitied her for how she grew up as a prisoner, but commends her for her intelligence and perseverance. He wishes to learn more about the one known as Reaper but is too scared that it will make her uncomfortable to ask.

Dez'ara Averotich: Vladonious sees her as a strong, independent, and very intelligent girl, one who can kill you with a single look from a mile away, he has dueled her several times but only won a few of the fights.