Karda Juri in his full Beskar'gam.

Karda Juri, code-named Thyranus, is a Mandalorian Shadow-Commando of Clan Juri and an infamous Bounty Hunter of great skill and expensive cybernetic enhancements. He serves as a personal enforcer to Arishol Septus during the latter's rule as Emperor of the Ascendant Sith Empire.

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"Ibic cuyir meg kot cuyir. Your equipment is a part of you, as natural as the organs in your body. Master each element, and you come closer to mastering yourself." -Karda instructing prospective Bounty Hunters.

During his time as Arishol's enforcer, Karda received generous funding and requisitions as far as equipment goes. His arsenal is vast and versatile, built to suit Karda's credo: preparation for any situation.

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  • Beskar'gam: Thyranus' "Iron Skin", or Mandalorian armor, is a Mercenary Elite design with the Ascendancy's black and red design painted onto it. The Jet Pack worn on his back also acts as a fuel pack for many of his suits' systems and is connected to the chestguard via a metal tube. His various weapons, whether open or concealed, can be found all over his person.
    • HUD: The Heads-Up Display in his helm is very advanced, even by the standards of most Bounty Hunter helmets. It has voice-activated access to the HoloNet and can automatically target people in sight and bring up their legal profiles in both Imperial and Republic space, allowing him to pick out Bounties with ease. His visor has several alternate vision modes including infrared, night vision, sonar, etc. His tactical targeting computer can only track those that can be picked up in his selected vision mode, however.

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"The guy's a walking armory." -Rhades on Thyranus' arsenal.


One of Thyranus' modified GR-14 XT Plasma Core Blaster Pistol.

  • Dual Heavy Blaster Pistols: Thyranus wields a pair of modified GR-14 XT Plasma Core Heavy Blaster Pistols, enhanced with scopes, plasma heat vents, Combustible Gas ammunition capabilities, among others. The rate of firing has been rigged as well to fire at a slightly enhanced rate with more impact power.
  • Wrist Blades: Concealed within his gauntlets are a pair of sharp, serrated blades that can extend to almost a foot and a half in length, springing out when needed. The blades themselves are very sharp and are, just like his armor, made of saber-resistant Mandalorian iron.

Thyranus' extended wrist blades.

  • Flamethrower: The staple of every Bounty Hunter's arsenal is the Flamethrower wrist-attachment, which Thyranus is no stranger to. His Flamethrower has an alternate firing capability where it shoots out a highly-flammable oil used to trip up opponents or to burn something, or someone, rapidly.
  • Aratech Sniper Rifle: A modified Aratech V-7 Sniper Rifle, Thyranus' rifle is customized with a heat-signature targeting system and armor piercing rounds. The rifle itself is usually only employed when Thyranus needs to make kills from afar, otherwise he usually prefers to be close to his enemies when he kills them.
Imperial Heavy Repeater

Karda's "Trandoshan Ripper" rifle.

  • Trandoshan Ripper:
  • Echani Warstaff:
  • Cortosis Vibroblades: