This sphere's duty is to uphold the laws of the many worlds under Ascendant Imperial control. Led by Justiciar Nurun, its' members capture criminals, handle lawful disputes, and in-general keep the peace. The Justice Sphere is organized into three Oriphi: the Sith Knights, the Dark Blades, and the Ascendant Imperial Guard. The first and third are expected to carry themselves with dignity and pride. The second are expected to keep to the shadows and eliminate high profile criminals by any means necessary. All must swear loyalty to the Ascendant Empire, and be willing to give their lives to defend it.

Sith Knights Edit

The Sith Knights are law-keepers of the highest caliber. Due to the scarcity of force-sensitives within the Justice Sphere's ranks, most settlements across the Ascendancy's many worlds have anywhere from 1 to 3 Sith Knights present - and that's all they need. Whenever a situation becomes too much for the standard Ascendant guard to handle, a Knight comes in to crack down on the opposition. Sith Knights are usually Juggernauts or Marauders, and must wear heavy armor and look the part of an important law-keeper. They're expected to act as such as well, of course, but only when they're on-duty as far as Nurun is concerned. After all, he spends so much of his resting time acting like a goofball, he's not about to tell someone else off for being too silly.

Members: Edit

  • Jaden

Dark Blades Edit

The Dark Blades are an elite core of Sorcerers and Assassins dedicated to eliminating high profile and white collar criminals, the ones that the other Oriphi simply can't touch. The Dark Blades operate outside the law to preserve it, often having to go undercover, perform break-ins, and sometimes being forced to outright kill their targets instead of bringing them in. They track down and eliminate targets by any means necessary. Dark Blades are usually Sith Assassins, but that isn't to say an Agent would be unwelcome.

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Ascendant Imperial Guard Edit

Most members of the Imperial Guard are effectively policemen. They patrol the streets, hand out tickets, keep everything in order. When a crime is committed, they're the first ones on the scene. These many "officers" are referred to by last name and not number, as Nurun doesn't believe it appropriate to de-humanize anyone under his command, no matter how small a part they fill.

Detectives of the Guard are usually given more respect. When a crime is committed before any officers can get on the scene, a Detective is called in to identify and preferably locate the perpetrator. Technically, it's against protocol for a Detective to attempt a capture themselves without any officers assisting them, but the members of the guard are usually too impressed when it happens to even consider punishment. Detectives are most likely to be Imp. Agent class.

Finally, there are some assignments that need special agents called in to complete them. Things that require a level of technological expertise and an amount of finesse that neither the Sith Knights nor Dark Blades possess. For these missions, we call in the Commandos. Commandos are highly skilled veterans of combat with enough brains and firepower to take down even the smartest and strongest criminals with relative ease. Commandos are given just as much deference as Sith Knights, but are known to be a bit more ruthless in combat. Blasters and rockets tend to cause a lot more collateral damage than lightsabers or the force do. Commandos are Bounty Hunter class, of course, and are known to wear medium, heavy, or adaptable armor.

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