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Clans of Sith Purebloods dominated their society.

A Sith Clan, sometimes known as a Sith Noble House within the Sith Empire, is a family of Sith Purebloods revered for their ancestry and influence. Each Clan is different, from structure to customs, but many basic principles remain the same. Each takes a sigil and a motto used as a unifying phrase for each member, and they strive to gain power, influence, and control over one another. Some remain subservient to the ones ruling over them, others plot to undermine them. The most recognizable surnames of the Sith, however, such as Ragnos and Sadow, are some of the most powerful and wealthy Clans of all.

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Meaning "Overlord" in High Sith, the Ario wirio tier is reserved for a select few Sith Clans, some of which are extinct or out of prominence by the time of the Great Galactic War. These Clans are the wealthy but small Ragnos, the plentiful historians of Kressh, the extinct warriors of Sadow, and finally the militant Hord.

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