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Senyia Avis

Her Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Senyia Avis was born on the Chiss home world of Csilla. There, she grew up as a cheerful, yet soft spoken child. She was academically gifted as she excelled at her studious activities, and in her school. She continued her normal life until the age of seven, during which her aptness for the Force was discovered by her parents. For the time being, they decided to start training her in combat.

Her parents were soldiers in the Empire, and they decided to move to Dromund Kaas. After some time, at the age of fourteen, Senyia was sent to Korriban, much to her dislike, mainly because of the hot weather. There, she continued her favorite hobby of sharpening her mind and learning how to use The Force and a Lightsaber. Senyia's demeanor toward Sith training changed from dislike to a predilection. She also understood that failure at the academy, meant death. Senyia had gone through numerous amounts of trials, trials of knowledge and physical attributes, and Senyia excelled at his studies and trials that were assigned to her.

Senyia's final trial was the paramount of them all. It was a trial to spectate as well. She was tasked with defeating an unnamed Sith Lord that had lost his honor for his exceptional mistake. The objective was simple, defeat the Sith Lord and graduate, or let the Sith Lord reclaim his honor by killing Senyia. She decided to choose a double bladed lightsaber instead of a single bladed, even though she had minimal experience with it. After two hours of fighting, being pushed to the limit both physically and mentally, and using the double bladed lightsaber masterfully, she defeated the dishonorable Sith Lord, sustaining some scars to her face at the end. Senyia had finally completed her training, and headed home to Kaas City.

She finally was able to return to her home in Kaas City. She was happy to be back in the rain, as she had a natural affinity for the coldness, given her species. She was in store for bad news. She had learned that her parents had been killed on duty by Jedi, while they were deployed to Hoth. This infuriated and saddened Senyia, and she harnessed the emotions to spark a newfound hatred for the Jedi.

Joining the Ascendancy Edit

Some time after graduating the Sith Academy on Korriban, Senyia was on Korriban spending toms time there. During that time, she had heard Arishol recruiting for the Dark Ascendancy, and after speaking with him, she realized that her views matched those of the Ascendancy, and she decided to join.

Personality Edit

Senyia is an intelligent, loyal, honorable, driven, and soft spoken individual. Senyia has a soft spot for friends, family, and those who she considers close to herself. She focuses on her goals, but does not let that be herself at other times as well, where she is a more fun individual.

Appearance Edit

Senyia has light blue skin with red eyes and jet black hair that is loose. She wears less than fully body clothes as she prefers the coldness over warmth. She also has three scars across the left side of her face that she received during her final trial on Korriban.