Roleplaying on the wiki is a bit different and alot more narrative than what some are used to in-game. It relies less on visuals and more on how well you can write, or rather type, the information to be read and perceived. For some it just comes naturally, for others it may take some getting used to. But regardless, this page is designed to help some and give insight into how Roleplaying on this wiki is supposed to work.

Image Sourcing Edit

Image sourcing is important on this wiki and, before you decide to upload a character image or something, you must be sure to state where you got it from. If it's art, you must ask the artist's permission before using it as well as providing a link (or a simple "This image was made by _____ from ______.") in the image description or the Trivia section of the page. If the image you obtained is just a screenshot from the game, it does not require a source.

Character Templates Edit

Creating a character page can be a rewarding process but an involved one. From the day I, Sadow-sama, first started Roleplaying on Wikis this format is, generally, how it was done. Thus, we will follow it here. The different sections on a character's page are:

Appearance Edit

Here you describe the character's physical appearance, whether you provided a picture or not. This details their height, weight, hair color, eye color, descriptions of their physical appearance, what apparel they usually wear, etc.

Personality Edit

The most fun part, in my opinion, is the Personality section. Here you detail what kind of person your character is, from the puckish rogue to the dastardly villain to the charming prince to the greedy beurocrat. This can be as detailed or as abrupt as you want, though in my opinion, the more details, the better!

History/Background Edit

From the time your character is born to where they are now in the Ascendancy. The events chronicling your character's life, from every battle to every lesson learned.

Abilities/Skills/Training/Equipment Edit

The section of "what does your character have"/"what can your character do". Here you list off your characters training, their abilities, their traits or natural feats, arsenal, etc. as well as descriptions of them.

Quotes Edit

This section isn't really necessary but it does give some flavor to your Personality section by giving little insights into your character through quotes. I don't really think I need to say this, but do not quote-steal aka re-word a quote from someone else, whether fictional or not, to suit your character.

Trivia Edit

This is generally an OOC part of the character page where you list off what inspired you to make this character how they are, where you got your images from/inspiration, what song you'd use as their theme, what their favourite color/food/anything is, etc.