Background Edit

Osiason Zadane was born to a poor refugee family on the planet Voss. While only 4 years old, Osiason began to show signs of force sensativity when a slaver came to take his family and, through his blind anger, lashed out and crushed the men before they could understand what was happening. His mother, hearing of a Sith on the planet, sent word of a force sensative child. When word reached the Sith of what had happened to the slavers he left immdiately to find the boy. Upon arriving, he found a child, soaked in blood and holding a knife. His parents were on the ground in front of the boy, eviscerated. Another Zabrak of the same age was in the corner, crying and covering his face. The Sith Lord took Osiason to Korriban to have him trained in the dark side, leaving his brother alone on Voss.

Years after his arrival to Korriban, Osiason began to show himself as one of the most skilled fighters with a lightsaber, taking on dozens of enemies at a time without breaking a sweat. At the age of 18 he was strong enough to duel with his Master, Lord Cinthus. After defeating his master in a duel word began to spread of Lord Cinthus's weakness he began to hate his apprentice, who would soon find no need for his master. So he sent Osiason on a suicide mission to Corellia. He asked him to assassinate a Sith Lord who was trying to make a power play. Being the dutiful, trusting apprentice he was, Osiason headed to Corellia unaware of the impending Ambush.

Upon his arrival to Corellia, Osi made his way to the estate said to be harboring the Sith. However, when he entered the building, he was greeted by the sound of 15 lightsabers. Understanding that he had been betrayed, Osiason let out a scream of pure hatred, drawing his lightsaber and cleaving through 4 Sith before they could see him move. When the rest began to assault Osi, he unleashed the power he forgot he possessed, the air was sucked out of the room and Osiason's body began to glow red, when he unleashed the power he crushed every Sith in the room and causing the estate to collapse. After unleashing that much power, Osiason began to feel completely drained. Before he passed out he had only enough strength to activate the distress beacon on his belt.

When he awoke, he found himself floating in a kolto tank in the medbay of his ship, Insidious, dragged there by his medical droid. After being let out of the tank, he swore to kill his betrayer. And so he plotted a course to Korriban. Wanting to stay under the radar, he used his shuttle to land on the outskirts of the Academy. Wearing a cloak to dosguise himself, he made his way into the academy and into his former master's room. As the man turned to see who had entered his room, his face grew pale. before he could speak Osiason had his saber to Cinthus's throat and whispered, "And so the betrayer falls." and slew the man. Hearing the screams, Darth Alatren rushed into the room and confronted Osiason. After hearing his story he simply bowed his head and said "Congratulations, Lord Osiason." and exited the room. However, Osiason did not want to be a part of the Sith anymore and so he exiled himself to uncharted space.

On one of his rare trips into Hutt Space to buy food, he felt a strong power coming from Nar Shadda. When he landed, he followed the trail of this power until he happened upon a man who, upon being confronted, told Osiason about a new branch of Sith and even merceneries. He called them "The Ascendants". He was directed to Yavin 4 where he was met by the Emperor, Arishol Septus. After being initiated, he was asked a question. "Where do you see yourself in our Empire?" Not knowing how to respond, Osiason offered his sword in defense of the Emperor. After weeks of training, Osiason was admitted into the Honor Guard and, through dueling with the other Members, proved himself strong enough to be Second Blade to the Emperor. The only man strong enough to best him was a swordmaster named Kibbew.

In the battle against the usurper, Xython Septus, Osiason led the Guard in an assault on the flagship, disabling the ARC Cannon allowing for the main body of the loyalists to enter the ship where the successfully stripped the usurper of all titles and his life.

Physical Description Edit

Height: 6'1"

Build: Muscular

Skin Color: Formerly red until he began channeling his dark energy, now a pale gray

Misc: Severe burn scars across his face from a battle against a bounty hunter, large claw marks down his chest from a confrontation with a group of Kath Hounds.

Family and Relationships Edit

Parents: Unknown, deceased

Siblings: Orsinon Zadane, Bounty Hunter

Apprentices: Onession, Warrior; Prynchir, Assassin