The younger brother of Nurun, Nuraz is a Jedi working for the Grey Order. What Nuraz has with the Force isn't a connection - it's a biological integration. The Force flows through him like his own blood, except there is no limit; it can supply him with boundless reserves of energy, speed, and strength. The power he can gain from the Force is infinite; the amount his body can handle is not.


Nuraz grew up on Tython, the Jedi homeworld. The earliest thing he can remember is sitting in front of his master, his hands on his knees, learning how to use the Force. He could use it as effectively as any other Padawan, lifting cups and rocks and other objects. It wasn't until he was given a training blade that his unique gift was discovered. When Nuraz fought, it wasn't just him swinging his lightsaber; the Force guided his every movement.

In learning this, however, Nuraz caused an enormous amount of undue collateral damage to the Academy at which he trained. Nuraz proved too destructive, and his masters considered killing him off as a potential risk to the Republic. Nuraz fled before they had the chance. He was found by members of the Grey Order who knew how to teach him to control his destructive powers.

Nuraz spent years training under his new masters to keep his strength in check and use only the amount necessary. It quickly became clear to him that he was not an ordinary Zabrak; no one was just born with his condition. Something, or someone, gave it to him. Nuraz had several theories about it, and one of them just so happened to be correct.


About 7 years into his training with the Grey Order, Nuraz received a message from someone claiming to be his older brother. He was hesitant to respond at first. His fears told him it could be a trick. But his instinct told him it wasn't, and his masters had always told him to trust the latter. So, Nuraz accepted the stranger's invitation and set out to find out more about his unknown past.

When he first met his older brother, Nuraz didn't know what to think. They were of almost the exact same height and build, only Nurun (as he called himself) appeared slightly more lean. Nuraz heard his brother's story, learned about his parentage. From the description, it sounded like his parents had never truly cared for him, that he was just an experiment, a project they'd been working on. Nuraz had felt anger many times before, but he had always been able to control it. Not this time.

Nuraz flew into a tirade of fury, taking out his hatred of his parents on his brother. He made three strikes (that all missed) before he was slammed into the ground, weaponless. Nuraz didn't even know how it had happened; one second he was swinging his lightsabers, the next he was on the floor, dazed. But Nurun offered him a hand anyway, smiling the whole time.

Something about that smile reached Nuraz. Something about it told him that this person was someone who completely understood how he felt. Maybe the only person who really understood Nuraz was the person standing over him now. The realization slowly dawned on the two of them that they really were brothers. And, as brothers, they did the only thing that made any sense for them to do.

They got right back up and kept fighting.