Numika Rinvis was originally a member of Imperial Intelligence, classified "Cipher 66". While most other Ciphers earn their titles through disguise, infiltration, and usually assassination, Numika almost never resorted to the 3rd and rarely used the 1st. Instead, Numika used her good looks and better charms to get into her targets' hearts, before she'd rip out what she needed and leave.


Numika was born to an ordinary household located on Dromund Kaas. To most families on other planets, hers would have seemed wealthy. On the Imperial Capital, they were about average. There's nothing to tell about Numika's childhood that set her apart; she grew up a happy, normal, intelligent little girl who decided to join Imperial Intelligence for the money and a chance to explore the galaxy.

Numika quickly rose to her station as "Cipher 66" due to her incredible ability to stop conflict without bloodshed. It was rumored throughout Intelligence that Cipher 66 could halt more threats in a single night than any other agent could in a week. After each assignment, Numika had no reservations in telling her superiors that she had "merely used her body in the most efficient way possible."

Numika eventually grew bored of other female agents' comments about her, and decided that it was time she disappear. One night with the Keeper and Cipher 66 was deleted from the Imperial record. Numika set off, becoming a free agent, using multiple names and faces to keep anyone from discovering the truth. It was 3 years later that she found she didn't need to.


Numika had received a mission on Nar Shadaa to track down a high-ranking officer of a radical group intent on building their own empire from scratch. She was to "de-weaponize" him, as she had done many times before. Finding him was the easy part; he didn't exactly try to conceal himself. But no matter what she did to entice him, he remained focused and clear. He didn't care one bit about the way she looked. For the first time, Numika found someone who simply wasn't attracted to her. Naturally, she decided to work with him.

Numika learned that the man she had failed to entice was the Justiciar of the Dark Ascendency, Nurun. Nurun offered her a chance to join, and she accepted on the condition that she would only answer to him. Numika wanted to be Nurun's personal agent. This request was denied until Numika elaborated, talking about all the previous assignments she'd been on and how she wanted a more exciting life than the one she'd been living thus far. Something told her Nurun could provide that life.

Whatever part of her that said that was completely wrong. It wasn't long after that when Numika met Free, the one-woman army that was what the Ascendency was facing. She had never seen a force so frightening. For days, Numika's pride as an agent fought desperately against the overwhelming fear growing inside her. It was inevitable that the fear won. Due to her unique position in the Ascendency, she could only sabotage one piece of it: her employer. Nurun had sent her to find his younger brother, a newly-made Jedi. She decided that she would find him. And she would make sure Nurun never did.

Numika's LetterEdit

Get out while you still can. Forget about your brother and the Ascendency, they're both gone. Please leave. I don't want to see you die. - Numika