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Ascendancy Timeline Edit

Formation Edit

During the heated years of the Cold War, Arishol Septus became disillusioned with the Sith Empire and began making preparations to splinter off from it with as sizable a force as he could muster. These steps were carried out in well-guarded secret until the discovery was made during investigations against Malgus' upcoming betrayal on Ilum. Arishol slew those who found out about the new "Ascendancy" and, with the rebellion made aware, the Ascendant Sith fled into Wild Space after a failed coup, many of Malgus' own followers joining them soon after the Betrayers' defeat.

Founding an Empire Edit

Settling on a planet very similar to Dromund Kaas, the Ascendants christened the planet Septa after their new Emperor's surname and began seizing nearby worlds. With Malgus' betrayal as well as that of the Dread Masters and the Republic bearing down on them, the Sith Empire gave little thought to pursuing the fleeing forces of the Ascendancy. In their territory of Wild Space, the Ascendancy grew over the span of 6 years leading up to the events of the war between the Eternal Empire of Zakuul and the rest of the known galaxy. The Ascendancy met with Zakuul long before any of the rest of the galaxy and an Accord was made for peace between Emperors Valkorion and Sarreth.

The new Ascendancy practiced Arishol's ideology of Neo-Sith, a name given to ideals belonging to Malgus, Marr, and Arishol himself that all beings had equal capacity for glory toward a unifying government. The Ascendancy focused heavily on growth and preparation over the course of their 6 year existence should the Sith Empire attempt to hunt them down. Over the course of these three years, a massive city was formed on Septa dubbed "Septa City", being used as the capital of the Ascendancy. Many flocked to the Ascendancy as word of its existence spread, strengthening their numbers.

Battle of Oricon Edit

While the Ascendancy had a throne, Arishol desired the specific throne used by his ancestor, Xim the Impaler, as his seat of power and governance. When word reached his ears that the Obelisk Throne resided on Oricon in the hands of the Dread Legion, Arishol mustered an assault Fleet to attack the Legion and seize the throne. The operation was successful but at great cost, as many ships and lives were lost in the battle with the forces of Oricon. The Battle took place roughly a year before the Outlander's escape, and is remembered as a day of mourning for those lost in the battle.

Battle of Alderaan Edit

The Ascendancy implanted a Noble House, Kray, to serve as their agents on Alderaan during the fiery civil war on the planet. But when Lord Osus was sent to retrieve an artifact of value uncovered by the Noble House, an ensuing argument over it resulted in Osus slaying several Kray family members and the House rebelling as a result, the Sith barely escaping with his life. To repair the damage done, several envoys, including Nytokris Dom and Xim Septus, tried to sway the embittered Kray family back into the fold to no avail. Thus it was that the Ascendancy lay siege to Castle Kray over the span of a day using Stormcaller Tanks and Talon Fighters. The Noble House offered resistance at first but was swiftly crushed and submitted to the might of the Sith. Their current Head is now the compliant young Ayaan Kray.

Retrieval of the Composer Edit

In the months following the Battle of Alderaan, numerous enemies surfaced against the Ascendancy. Many have been traced back to either the Republic's own Division 13 or Xec'ara Averotich. To make matters worse, the rule of Arcann took its toll on the Sith Ascendancy by restricting trade flow throughout Zakuulan territory, which was the safest Hyperlane back to the known galaxy that the Ascendancy could take. When Emperor Sarreth learned that his ancestor's Gree-Rakatan superweapon, the Composer, was still operable and floating in Zakuulan space, he tasked his clone-daughter, Xim, with its retrieval. At the cost of two Harrowers and hundreds of lives, Xim accomplished the Composer's return. With the situation heated, Emperor Arcann has sent the Zakuul Knight's High Exarch, Valathor Raam, to deal with the Ascendants and return what was stolen.