Darth Vestigus, born Kandar Septus, was a Sith Pureblood who served as Head of Sith Clan Septus years before the outbreak of the Great Galactic War. He was known by the moniker of the "Iron Dragon", but others preferred to call him by the unofficial nickname "Crow-Eye". He is the son of Xythar Septus and father to Karath Septus.

Appearance Edit

Born a sickly Sith with gaunt features and ashen-red skin, Kandar was sequestered within a life-supporting suit of armor for much of his life. His hair was described as cut into a mohawk-like set of streaks and turned a smokey grey early on in his years. His right eye, similarly, was greyed and blinded over time thus earning him the nickname "Crow-Eye". His cybernetic armor was made of thick durasteel painted with the Sith Empire's black and red colors. He often wore a matching cape along with this set of armour that draped over his entire body, lined with thick furs at the top and bearing the Red Dragon Sigil of the House Septus on the back, giving him the appearance of a spectre or looming crow.

Personality Edit

Kandar was remembered as a cold and detached person, holding little regard for others' lives. He is recorded to have even killed his own older brother, Krastus Septus, along with three unnamed cousins during his lifetime. While he killed his older brother out of a belief that Krastus would lead their family to ruin, the cousins were remembered for being killed for mocking Kandar with the nickname "Crow-Eye", of which he held much vexation for. While Kandar held family loyalty above everything else, he was not unwilling to set a strict example to others that didn't feel the need to pay their due respects to him.

Kandar was fiercely loyal to the Sith Empire and its cause and while he redirected many military efforts to suit the ends of the Septus clan, he also did his part for the Empire's war effort by creating several factories for weapons and armors. He often worked alongside the Sphere of Defense and War for these ends, being issued budgets on research projects for the Empire. He was thus praised by Sith and military officials alike for his staunch devotion to strengthening the Empire's military.