Dragon Symbol

The Sigil of House Septus. (Located on Google Images, could not locate source).

"For hundreds of years our family has guarded the treasures of the Sith."

"Guarded... or hoarded?"


-Karath and Arishol Septus discussing their family's history.

The Sith Clan Septus of the Burning Scar is an ancient bloodline and family of Sith Purebloods dating back to the era of the old Sith Empire, gaining historical significance around the time of Tulak Hord's Kaggath with Lord Kallig. They are a Kirs-tier Clan whose sworn Sirjik Clans include House Haedras, House Arcanion, House Jandarii, and House Khet. Their territory on Korriban originally was a mountain made of rock and shaped by storms, but was shifted to the "Septus Scar" on Dromund Ixin. Their founding member is unknown, but one of the most infamous members of their family was known as "Xim the Impaler" who created the Septus Scar by crashing a meteor onto his opponent during a Kaggath.

The current Clan Head is Arishol Septus. Their sigil is an intricate design of a red Sith Dragon. Their motto is "From fire we rise, to shadows we fall."

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