The High Council is a the ruling body of the Ascendant Sith Empire and serve as leaders over the military, treasury, Sith, and most other parts of the Ascendancy as well as advisers to the Emperor. There are currently eight seats on the Council for every eight Spheres of Influence within the Ascendancy.

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Sphere of Law Edit

Also known as the Sphere of Justice, the Sphere of Law handles the judgement of criminals within the Ascendancy, the apportioning of punishments, and maintaining civil and economic order on Ascendant worlds. Apart from this, another duty of the Justice Sphere is to subvert rebellion and placate the populace with propaganda of the government. The Ascendant Imperial Guard, Dark Blades, and Sith Knight order all fall under this Sphere's jurisdiction. Their representative on the High Council goes by the title of Lord-Justiciar, as well as High Justice of the Sith Ascendancy, and "Emperor's Law".

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Former Members Edit

  • Darth Sho'yun - Lord-Justiciar
  • Xercei - Spymaster

Current Members Edit

  • Kri'ara Averotich - Lord-Warden
  • Akameneko - Lord-Treasurer
  • Nytokris - Spymaster
  • Aran'kad - Master-of-Arms
  • Darth Sangu'is - Lord-Minder