Gondas is a psychotic criminal currently under indentured service to the Ascendancy's military. His crimes include defacement of public property, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, harassment, threatening an officer, homicide, identity theft, assault/battery, arson, burglary, theft/larceny, breaking/entering, sexual assault, and a few others that were invented just for him. Common punishments don't work on him; pain just makes him feel good. The only thing that does produce a negative reaction is re-runs of the old television series "Mul'gak and the Wampa Riders", which causes him to fall to his knees, cover his ears, and cry until someone turns the show off.

Many wonder why Nurun bothers to keep Gondas alive, but he has proven himself to be an incredible soldier when he has motivation. He's pulled off shots from over 200 km distance without a scope, gotten information out of the most devout of enemy troops, and even commandeered a cruiser under Zakuulan control with only a few of his fellow convicts to help him pilot it. Given these amazing accomplishments, it's difficult for Nurun to justify putting the 15 year-old on death row.