Free, also known as "Number 117", was originally a slave working under the Ascendant Reclamation Service. Upon discovering the Kri'ara crystal by accident, 117 was mutated and obtained Force Sensitivity along with a heightened intelligence but unhinged personality. This leads her to pursue a destructive path of revenge on not only the Sith Ascendancy but the entire galaxy. She is the main antagonist of the Shadow of the Composer Arc.

Appearance Edit

Before discovering the Kri'ara crystal, 117 was a human with short, brown hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She stood at an average 5'6" and was of a small build. She often wore an average slave tunic with a badge on her left shoulder with her slave designation number on it. Her slave collar was worn around her neck.

Upon becoming transformed by the crystal, Free's hair turns a snowy white and becomes extremely long, reaching down to her lower back. Her irises, likewise, become white and seem to have a glowing effect to them. Her skin becomes more dark and she grows in height and muscle mass, reaching almost 6'3" and seeming quite built. When she dawns her "Free" persona for the first time, she wears dark purple makeup around her eyes and on her lips in an almost Egyptian style. As Free, she wears a specialized suit of white Power Armor that is fitted to be able to use the Kri'ara crystal as a means of power source, giving her a boost in protection.

Personality Edit