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Dez'ara Averotich is a female Sith Pureblood who leads the Sphere of War in the Ascendant Empire. She controls the main PvP group and is on the High Council. She is one of the main Overseers at the Yavin 4 Academy, having personally trained many from Initiate to Neophyte.

Appearance Edit

Dez'ara is an average height female Sith Pureblood. She has orange skin, which has been corrupted by the Dark Side, making it lighter. She has dark orange eyes, and small jagged growths on the side of her face. She has dark red hair, tied into a large ponytail to keep it out of the way during combat. Dez'ara has many scars on the left side of her face, which are old and faded but still visible. Dez'ara always tries to wear a mask or breather to cover them up, and prefers to wear combat armor at all times, as a precaution to being attacked.

Personality Edit

Dez'ara is a very sarcastic and fun person when she isn't angered or in battle. Often making jokes at others expense, talking sarcastically, and generally trying to have a good time. However, when she is angered, Dez'ara is not so fun to be around. She will talk coldly or not at all, preferring to use her lightsabers. She does not listen to reason and instead lets her hate and rage guide her.

History/Background Edit


Childhood Edit

Born on Korriban with her sister, Vell'ara, Dez'ara was born to be a Sith. Learning Sith codes and wisdom from her parents, high hopes were had for a promising Sith Lord. At the age of 10, Dez'ara witnessed her sister run away from home for not being powerful enough to be Sith. Vell'ara was 15 years old, and had stolen a lightsaber and credits. Dez'ara missed her sister, as they were very close. After a year, a Jedi strike team assaulted her family home. Her parents, being seasoned Sith Lords, fought them off, but could not stop Dez'ara from being taken away. She was shuttled to Courascant, beginning her new life as a Jedi.

Jedi Life Edit

Dez'ara was judged by the Jedi Council, and deemed viable for training. A Jedi named Adeaf took her in, training her in the ways of the Force, trying to get rid of her Dark Side training and instinct. After 7 years of training, Dez'ara was deemed ready to venture out on her own, getting a position on Nar Shadaa, told to help stabilize relations with a Hutt named Ralgof.

Meeting Lek'sol Edit

Dez'ara was sent to impersonate a dignitary, wearing a veil to disguise her Pureblood heritage. Entering the party, Dez'ara was stunned to see a Twi'lek woman, chained up and forced to dance for the Hutt. This infuriated Dez'ara, her blood almost boiling. Soon she had calmed herself, until the Twi'lek was tripped, falling into a Nikto hunter. The man raised a hand to strike her, but before he could Dez'ara's green blade sliced through his arm. Several Gammorean guards advanced, ready to attack. Suddenly, several shots rang out, and the Twi'lek woman jumped to Dez'ara's side. She had taken the blaster from the Nikto man's holster, and had killed several guards. Her first words to Dez'ara were: "Hi, I'm Lek'sol. Nice to meet you!" The two dispatched all the guards, and Lek'sol killed Ralgof in fury. The two walked out, beginning a new friendship. Lek'sol was hidden aboard Dez'ara's ship, acting as Dez'ara's personal medical advisor.

Betraying the Master Edit

Dez'ara was called to Tatooine several days after the incident on Nar Shadaa by her master, Adeaf. She was told to report to a small hut in the middle of the Dune Sea, alone. Adeaf was obviously troubled, immediately asking Dez'ara why she slaughtered the guards. Dez'ara said nothing, and grabbed her lightsaber with the Force. She attacked Adeaf, furious. The two fought brutally, spilling blood on the sand of Tatooine, until Dez'ara was forced to the ground. Desperate, she grabbed a rock, bringing it towards her master's face. The Jedi, too experienced to be caught off guard, grabbed Dez'ara's arm, and brought the rock down onto her face. Blood flowed from her face, when two shots suddenly rang out. Lek'sol was firing into Adeaf's back. The Jedi sensed her, blocking all of the Twi'lek's shots. Dez'ara used this moment of confusion and channeled her hatred. Using the Force, Dez'ara chocked her former master, making her fall to the floor. Grabbing the bright blue lightsaber, Dez'ara decapitated Adeaf, laughing through it all. After the fight on the desert world, Dez'ara limped towards the nearest town with Lek'sol's assistance, getting her to treat her wounds. Dez'ara kept her master's lightsaber as a trophy. Getting half her face wrapped up and many medpacs, Dez'ara took a shuttle to Korriban.

Becoming Sith Edit

After arriving she was hand picked by a Darth to be trained. Darth Delgon, a master of lightsaber combat, took Dez'ara as an apprentice. Her family name was respected within the Sith order. Her family were renowned Lightsaber combatants. Dez'ara accepted, and began her new life. She organized a small living quarters, and shared it with Lek'sol. The two had begun a small romance after their bonding on Tatooine. After 2 years of training, Dez'ara was declared a Sith Lord. She was finally feared as an indomitable warrior, a master of the Force and the lightsaber. Delgon was threatened by his apprentice, and tried to kill her in a tomb on Korriban. Dez'ara, expecting betrayal, killed her master when he didn't expect it. Whilst Delgon pretended to look for an artifact, Dez'ara stabbed him through the chest, killing him instantly. The Dark Council, impressed with her skill, declared Dez'ara a Darth. She took up the mantle of Darth Veseroth, and began her next goal: finding her sister. While on Korriban, she took an apprentice: Totalous.

While looking for a Jedi on Hutta, Dez'ara accidentally ran into her sister. Vell'ara was a Bounty Hunter, trying to get into the Great Hunt. They caught up, and Dez'ara moved on, not interfering with the Hunt. When Dez'ara tried to leave she was stopped by a Togruta named Rezalia. The woman worked for Imperial Intelligence, and requested support with a mission on Hoth. Dez'ara agreed, and they traveled to the ice world. Rezalia led her to an ice cavern to find a rouge agent. After finding the agent, Dez'ara choked him to death, securing Rezalia's trust and loyalty. The two became good friends after the mission, and Dez'ara went away to Alderaan.

On Alderaan Dez'ara decided to marry Lek'sol. The two bought a house, and even had a child, Kri'ara. After several peaceful years, her life was suddenly shattered. Totalous, possessed and not himself, led a team to her home. He killed Lek'sol, to Dez'ara's knowledge, and burned her home to the ground. She barely escaped with her and Kri'ara's lives intact

Joining the Ascendancy Edit

Dez'ara, sorrowed and enraged, returned to the Empire, and met a male Sith Pureblood named Arishol. Arishol spoke of his new Empire, the Dark Ascendancy, and how he needed Overseers. Dez'ara saw it as a way to make a fresh start and accepted, and begun training Initiates. After training many and proving herself to the Emperor of the Ascendancy, Dez'ara was the first to be put on the High Council as the Warmaster. She began to increase in popularity and status within the Ascendancy, and finally felt like she had a true purpose. Dez'ara began construction of her Barracks, a stronghold for those in her Sphere, and kept working for Arishol and the Ascendancy. The Barracks were soon complete, solidifying her position within the Empire. She is now still on the High Council, putting her all into it. She soon invited Vell'ara to join as a Hunter, bringing her back into her life. Soon her daughter, Kri'ara, was deemed powerful enough to fend for herself, so she joined as well.

Abilities/Skills/Equipment Edit

Dez'ara uses mainly lightsaber based moves with some Force abilities mixed in. Her Red-Black colored lightsabers are almost a trademark, as she is one of the only ones who use such a crystal color. She wears medium combat armor and a breather usually, sometimes switching her armor when a better set arrives. Her main tactics are to throw her twin blades, then leap to the target and catch the lightsabers in midair, then strike the target fast. Dez'ara is brutal in combat, giving almost no openings unless outmatched.

Quotes Edit

"I was your slave for too long. No more"- Dez'ara Averotich to her master, Adeaf

"What are you doing?"

"I'm not a fool. I kill you before you kill me"- Conversation between Darth Delgon and Dez'ara

"Bring glory and power to the Ascendancy!"- Dez'ara, speaking to the Ascendancy at a meeting