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Darth Sitarius in his mask and armor

About Darth Sitarius Edit

Darth Sitarius is a mysterious and powerful sith, little is know about him or his family. Sitarius is the current lord of the great Shiba clan making him royalty and gives him the honourific "heika". Darth Sitarius and his armies hold massive amounts of land and wealth, as well as havng a vast network of contacts for funding his endeavors. A lone wolf for his entire life leading up to his joining the Dark Ascendancy. Shortly after joining his talents were rewarded when he was given the title "Lord-Treasurer" and given a seat on the High Council, being put in charge of the treasury and its assets. On the council he met a young chiss named Xercei, the spymaster and fellow councillor, after some time they grew close and eventually married.

Life before the Ascendancy Edit

Little is known of Darth Sitarius' life before he joined the ascendancy, even his age is unknown. Some reports claim he born and raised on korriban, others say he was born on Dromund Kaas. In all of the stories one thing remains constant, he is always said to have killed a sith lord at age 5, using the sith's own saber to deal the deathblow. The stories of his family are varied and vague, but the common suggestion is that he is of pure sith blood but this is unconfirmed. His family was reported to have killed while he was still just a child, and he disappeared from notice.

Sitarius surfaced just over a year before the treaty of Coruscant, within months he was acknowledged as a Lord of the Sith. Throughout the war and after, he wore a mask, reportedly taken from the sith he killed in his youth. His main targets were jedi teams and even jedi cruisers, his dual sabers became a symbol of fear to the order. Sitarius soon became one of the Empires top warriors and even gained the much sought after title of Darth.

When the Treaty of Coruscant was signed Sitarius was furious at the Empire for showing weakness. He left with compliment of true patriots, and began to search and destroy dissidence wherever he saw it. After a few years he had built up a reputation and a personal army, even managing to capture entire strongholds. During his forte into Kaas city he was scouted and recruited by one "Arishol Septus" Unicorn, who had an small empire. This empire was founded on the same principles and virtues Sitaius himself followed, so he joined thinking his talents may be better used with an organization then solo.