Darth Nostrem, born under the name Ceptus Kressh, is an accomplished Sith Lord and a descendant of the renowed Ludo Kressh.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Ceptus was born the first son of Necus, a wealthy Sith Lord presiding over Dromund Fels, the fourth planet in the Dromund star system. Educated by the archivists in his father's library, Ceptus began studying Sith lore and philosophy at a young age. In his younger childhood years, he would oftentimes roam his father's estate with his younger brother, Verrus. He came to manifest Force sensitivity at the age of six, prompting Lord Necus to neglect his other children in favor of Ceptus. He instructed his Inquisitors to introduce Ceptus to the ways of the Sith, although Necus himself oftentimes tutored his son personally. It was not long, however, before Verrus showed signs of Force sensitivity as well. As the years passed, the brothers' friendly competition turned to rivalry, with each attempting to oust the other and gain Necus' favor. After observing Necus instructing Ceptus privately, Verrus coaxed his brother into wandering outside the walls of the estate. Activating the entrance gate's security lock, Verrus left his brother to become prey to Dromund Fels' savage wildlife. Navigating back towards the estate, Ceptus stumbled upon an abandoned Sith oubliette dating back to the time of the Old Sith Empire. Within it he found a text detailing the forms of lightsaber combat by the ancient Dark Lord Tulak Hord. Necus' perimeter guardsmen eventually found and escorted him back into the estate. The following night, Verrus awoke to find a vengeful Ceptus in his personal chambers. Without a word, Ceptus snapped his brother's neck, killing him. As he turned to exit the chamber, he was faced with his father standing in the adjacent chamber. Much to Ceptus' shock, Lord Necus applauded his son, impressed that he was unclouded by remorse. Necus immediately began making arrangements to see Ceptus face the trials to become Sith at the Korriban Academy.

The Trials of Korriban Edit

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The Rise to Power Edit

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Return to the Sith Academy Edit

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The Expedition Edit

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The Ascendant Sith Empire Edit

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Personality & Traits Edit

Having studied the dark side of the Force for most of his life, Darth Nostrem is a firm believer in the Sith Code, embracing its every tenet. Although he values Sith history and tradition, he will not blindly follow it, believing the old ways eventually become obsolete and that one must adapt with the changing times to attain victory.

He is cold and calculative, and a strictly no-nonsense man. He is known for his tactical brilliance; he observes and analyzes his foes before he strikes.

Nostrem is a master of politics, he will not hesitate to manipulate others to suit his own needs. However, he values those who have earned his respect or admiration.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Darth Nostrem is a skilled lightsaber duelist, using the saberstaff in combat. He is adept in his knowledge of the Force as well, utilizing stealth abilities to outmaneuver his enemies. Although he is able to produce Force lightning, he does not employ it in combat often.