The rules and regulations that the Dark Ascendancy guild adheres to are pretty simple and straight-forward and some rules are more strict than others with worse consequences should they be broken. To remain in our guild, these simple rules must be followed:

  • Be courteous and respectful: Pretty much a no-brainer here. Just don't be rude to people or violate their basic human rights. If you disagree with them politically, religiously, etc., keep it to yourself. Picking fights is an easy way to receive the boot.
  • Speak English: The majority of this guild speaks English so for the honest sake of understanding, a requirement is being able to speak English. If you say a word or two in another language (including some of the fictional Star Wars ones) that is fine, but if you are speaking whole sentences, please make everyone able to understand them or, at least, offer a translation of what you are saying.
  • Be active: While you won't necessarily receive the boot for not showing up, you certainly won't achieve any rank if you are not participating in the guild, such as showing up at meetings or aiding your fellow guildies.
  • Keep it clean: Not to say you can't curse however much you want (trust me, I'm a sailor), but some of our members are likely in the younger demographic and are probably seeing what you're putting on the screen in front of them so while you can discuss things and speak things that are mature, try to keep it so that it is not totally graphic.
  • No spoiling: For a guy with an appreciation for good narratives, to have something spoiled before me without my okay on it really gets under my skin. So on that note, spoilers of any kind be it related to the story of the game or to other media is ill-advised.
  • Specify whether IC or OOC: We are a roleplay guild filled with people acting as our characters often. But sometimes, we're just being ourselves. Not Arishol Septus, not Aleph Arcanion, just... us. So, be sure to specify if you're in the middle of a Roleplay and need to speak out-of-character that you are doing so by adding little (()) around your text. ((Like this.))
  • Keep to good Roleplay standards: This is better outlined in our Roleplaying on the Wiki page but as a general rule, show good Roleplaying-ship. Don't god-mod, don't Mary Sue, don't break the Fourth Wall, all that kind of stuff.
  • No spamming: Another no-brainer rule, we don't like repeated messages in any medium be it General Chat nor Guild Chat. If you're. Typing. Like. This. For. Joke. Emphasis. That's. Okay. Once. But doing it over and over again gets annoying.
  • Source your images: Be sure, if you upload a media file, be it a .jpg or a .gif or even a video, that you give the source material in either the description or in the Trivia section of the page or both. If you wish to use someone's art, you must first ask permission from the artist and then provide either a link to their page in the description or a simple "This art was made by _______ from _______."

More rules may be added as necessary but for right now, try to keep to these simple guidelines.