Bubbling was all Arishol could hear as he drift in and out of consciousness. The sound of bubbles and the feeling of warm liquid surrounding him, relaxing him despite the thoughts swimming in his head. Every time he'd come close to regaining consciousness he began worrying about the state he had left his Empire, his people, in. Then he would drift out, further into slumber. The attack on their casino, Kastle Krayt, felt like it was in a different life. He could hear a familiar voice calling to him from the darkness "Arishol...? Arishol...!" His mother... she called to him. "Arishol!"

He remembered her, as if he were still a child training out in the courtyard of their family estate. This was decades past, in an age where Ari wouldn't have dreamed of forsaking his beloved Empire. A time when concepts such as ambition, honor, duty, vengeance, even love... were unknown to him. All that lie before him was his future, a dream of becoming Sith, of making his family proud. He looked back on these memories with bittersweet feelings that made his heart feel as a stone in his chest. His father, so dutiful and proud, and his mother, so regal and noble. His brother, Xython, with his temper and fear, and Mau... just a boy with everything and nothing.

Arishol's eyes fluttered awake as he lay in the Kolto tank of the Ascendancy's Flagship, the Septurian Dragon. A tube connected to a respirator in the tank lead to his mouth for the Sith to breath. The medical droid nearby turned in alarm "Oh! My Liege! You awaken! I will contact the Lady Empress at once!"

Arishol climbed to the top of the vat and was released through an exit hatch at the top, stepping down and being wrapped in a towel as he stroked a hand across his face to clear it of Kolto fluid. "How long... was I out?" he asked, leaning against a counter for support. His legs felt weak and he could not stop shaking, trying to adapt to the cold air from outside the tank. The droid answered pleasantly "Roughly four hours since the medical team brought you here, my Liege, and what a good haste they made as well! Thankfully, the blast and subsequent crash only resulted in minor burns, a dislocated leg, and some broken ribs. But time will make for good recovery, I say!"

Arishol grunted in pain from his ribs. Now that the droid finally mentioned it, a numb pain had finally fully awoken within him and he was finding it hard to endure. "We do not have time. That girl has struck a blow to us, and I wish to return the favor." he insisted, straightening up in spite of the agony he was in.

Aleph rushed into the medbay flanked by a pair of red-plated Sovereign Guards, a look of worry worn on her scarlet face "Ch'eo ch'acah! What has happened to you?" She remembered Arishol paying a visit to that wretch Cado's casino before and recently when she heard it had been attacked she feared the worst but resolved that if anyone could handle the situation, Ari could. Still, to see him in the state he was in, covered in scars and using a supply table for support... it made her blood run cold. She breathed an internal sigh of relief, however, to find he was still alive.

Arishol stood proudly as his wife assessed each scar worriedly, circling around him like a worried Akk Dog mother around an injured pup. "I am fine." he stated plainly in his stern, deep tone, knowing full well she wouldn't accept the assessment. He turned to one of the nearby Sovereign Guards and asked "Where are the others?"

The Sovereign Guard replied with a deep, stoic voice through his red-and-black helm "Lord Totalous was injured in the ensuing conflict as well as Lady Dez'ara, though she managed to fight Free off. Representatives of Division 13 along with our own are securing the wreckage. Lord Osus demands an audience, he's been on holocall since this morning."

Osus... Arishol hoped Xython wouldn't catch wind of this sudden conflict. The smell of battle lingers near his nose and he can't resist hunting down the source. "Tell him I will meet with him momentarily. I must convene with the others and make this news broadcast." The Sovereign Guard nodded as Aleph looked up at him with mixed feelings "Broadcast this? Shouldn't we isolate this situation? If people learn their Emperor has been injured-"

Arishol cut her off while staring off at something distant "The people must know what is happening. Send an outreach call to all forces calling them home and convene the High Council."