Back Story Edit

Cathara never knew she wanted to be a Mandalorian until she saw one in action. When she was a little girl playing with her twin Catharin, they literally bumped into a murderer on the run from Gayden Tun, a Mandalorian, the murderer took Cathara hostage after knocking Catharin unconscious and faced down Tun. Mad at her hostage taker for hurting her sister, Cathara bit down on his wrist all the way to the bone. Needless to say Tun took advantage of the opportunity and captured the murderer, but during the fight, Cathara watched breathlessly as the Mandalorian fought with his prey. Inspired by Tun and during her rebellious teenage years, Cathara set out to make a name for herself ending up on Hutta trying to find a sponsor for the Great Hunt.

Joining the Acendantcy Edit

Cathara first met Arishol Septus on Dromund Kaas in some dark, dank alley while she stalked her bounty. He told her of access to a bounty board with the biggest payouts she could imagine, all she had to do is join his secret little empire. Cathara ignored everything else Lord Arishol had to say because she was fixated on the bounties in her mind and began daydreaming about all the money she could make.