The Ascendant Sith Empire, also known as the Ascendant Empire, Sith Ascendancy, or simply the "Ascendancy", is an independent Empire of Sith, dubbed by their Emperor and founder Arishol Septus, as "Ascendant Sith". It's structure and customs are unique compared to that of the Sith Empire they splintered from.

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Ascendant Sith Creed Edit

"Passion is fire, order is steel."

"My fire burns hot, my steel remains strong."

"There can be no order without war."

There can be no light without darkness."

"There can be no life without death."

"Circles close and chains are broken."

"The Force shall set me free."

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Motto Edit

The motto of the Ascendancy is the same as that of House Septus:

"From fire we rise, to shadows we fall."