"War is the fire that tempers our steel." -Arishol

Arishol Septus

Arishol aboard his Fury-class starship, Hadzuska.

Darth Sarreth, born Arishol Septus, is a Sith Pureblood of Sith Clan Septus and ruler of the Ascendant Sith Empire. He is the eldest of the Septus Sons, being the son of Karath Septus and Yurith Septus as well as the older brother of both Xython and Mau.

Appearance Edit

In his youth, Arishol had short-cut, jet-black hair with eyes that burned with yellow at the center of the iris and orange bordering it. As a Sith Pureblood, he was born with red skin and bone ridges and spikes jutting out of him, specifically his cheeks and chin with some ridges on his chest, back of the neck, arms, and calves. When he was young, these spikes were not as well-formed and grew as he aged. During his time as a Lord of the Sith Empire, his hair was long and spiky but kept groomed. During this time, he wore facial piercings of Sith gold on his lips and around his eyes resembling lashes. He currently has shoulder-length hair with no piercings on his face, a few Sith runes tattooed onto his chest and back. During his time as a Lord, he often wore a Demicot's Sith helm resembling Darth Jadus' as well as robes with wide shoulder pads resembling that of the Lords of the Inquisition.

Arishol, as a hobby, collected Sith masks during his time in the Sith Empire and has amassed quite a few, most notably a Dread mask that he has worn rarely, when need of the power the mask provides. Currently, he wears different uniforms and outfits for different scenarios or events; For meetings and formal events, he often wears a red and black Imperial cross-pauldron tunic with padded wrist guards. In battle, he prefers to wear his "Conqueror's Warsuit", a Reaver-styled set of warrior armor worn over his Eidolon-styled training armor though modified to have Kolto-tubes injected into him, the source of the Kolto being in a small pack on his back. He wears his signature Sith Mask with the hood up when adorned in this suit. When operating in criminal or underground circles, he prefers to wear a more "fitting" uniform consisting of a brown-yellow riot vest with a black longcoat over it and a distinctive eye-covering over his right eye, giving him the appearance of a crimelord.

Arishol currently stands at 6'2" and is of a toned build, his muscles made for a fit Pureblood at his prime.

Personality Edit

Childhood Edit

Arishol was noted for being very studious in his youth, paying close attention to his fathers, Overseers, and Masters teachings all throughout life. He could often be found in the Septus Sanctum Archive in Kaas city in his youth reading and studying about a variety of subjects, from the Force, to warfare tactics, to politics. His tutor as a youth noted history and science were his favorite subjects, as opposed to Xython's love of combat practice and Mau's love of musical and culinary arts. Arishol was described as having an insatiable appetite for knowledge. His father, and later himself, would attribute this desire to grow and learn as being inherited from his Kissai heritage.

Arishol loved his parents and respected his father as a Sith Lord. He would heed his father's teachings well, understanding that he had more experience than the young Pureblood and if he were to follow in his footsteps one day, he would need experience. The two would practice saber training in the Sanctum's courtyard and Karath would often take over for Arishol's tutor, personally, to teach Arishol about matters such as politics and Sith hierarchy. Arishol felt the most pride in his life when his father unveiled the secretive Dark Ascendancy project to him and him alone. He was deeply saddened when Karath died and, while eager to gain the resources and Powerbase his father left in inheritance, mourned for his father for a long time. He stopped by his monument within the Septus crypt to pay respects after his defection and formation of the Ascendant Empire.

While he respected his father more, he loved his mother dearly and became silent and distant for a time after her death. In his early years, his mother taught him the value of mercy and that the weak, while not fit to rule, do have a part to play in the grand design of the Empire. Arishol treasures the musical pendant she left for him to this day as a token of remembrance of his mother, though he admits to Aleph he cannot play the song without growing sad.

Arishol and the woman that would become his wife, Aleph Arcanion, were very close even in their childhood. They grew up together as friends due to House Arcanion being subservient to House Septus and, as such, became well-acquainted even before it was arranged for them to be married, though the workings of the marriage were spoken of even before Aleph's birth. He was notably shy when it came to the subject of love early on. When he learned that his childhood friend would become his wife, he avoided her at all costs, not knowing how to approach the subject. After a talk with his mother, Arishol was able to approach Aleph again and the two continued their relationship as friends and, eventually, lovers.

Relationships Edit

  • Aleph Arcanion-Septus: Aleph is the closest person to Arishol apart from his brothers and close acquaintances. They keep each others' confidence and Ari often turns to Aleph for advice first and foremost, valuing her opinion over all others. Apart from his affection from her that has grown over the decades spent together, Ari holds great personal respect for her as a woman and as a Sith, keeping to her independence and beliefs despite adversity from others. He honors her as his wife and does his best to keep her safe, often using the Sovereign Guard solely to protect her.
  • Xython Septus: Arishol has always cared deeply for Xython but often disagrees with him from matters varying from ideology and adherence to tradition to tactics and politics. The two seem to have a strained relationship, especially after Mau's exile.
  • Mau Septus:
  • Yzzono Lothus:
  • John Lawrence Rhades:
  • Darth Nostrem: Arishol holds a deep respect for the old Sith known as Nostrem, having learned many things from trials endured at Nostrem's hands. Likewise, Nostrem viewed Arishol as a potential asset to the Empire and treated him with respect in kind. After his days at the Academy, Arishol would occasionally consult Nostrem for ways to train others and has been allowed to utilize Nostrem's vast archive on more than one occasion. His respect for Nostrem is what drove Arishol to enlist him as the Ascendancy's first Archon. However, during the attack on Korriban by the Eternal Empire, Nostrem rushed to the Sith Academy's aid. Presumed dead, Arishol was shocked and enraged to find his old friend alive and well. While he accepted Nostrem's explanation, he still holds a level of distrust to the man for abandoning the Ascendancy.
  • Darth Mercer: When an apprentice, Arishol served his master faithfully for many years, fighting hard to earn his attention when he first began as an Acolyte. While personally holding disdain for his masters ambition and ego, Arishol respected the man's skill and willingness to get his hands dirty when needed.
  • Thyranus: Arishol and Thyranus work together through mutual respect and benefit. Arishol's people keep Lia alive and, in exchange, Thyranus does Arishol's bidding. They first met during the early campaigns of the war, when Arishol was granted a small Mandalorian task force and a battalion of Imperial troopers to assault a network of bases on Endor. While many of the Imperials died, the Mandalorians proved themselves more than able under Karda's leadership. Later on after the Nova Incident, Arishol sought out Karda to bargain; healing his daughter or, at least, keeping her alive and safe in exchange for his services as a Bounty Hunter and Mandalorian. Thyranus, left with no other options to save his daughter, accepted and, from then on, has served as a personal asset and enforcer to Arishol.
  • Cado Vargas: The young Emperor learned of Cado's existance through the underground Dueling scene, having wagered on Cado many times and winning many small fortunes thanks to the former Bounty Hunter. Arishol, needing a host for his casino and operator for his underworld activities, hired Cado to serve as such, promising the new crime lord Kastle Krayt and, potentially, all of Nar Shaddaa once the galaxy is under Ascendancy rule. Cado views Arishol as his employer though the elite warrior has crossed paths with Sith before and, as such, doesn't show the same amount of fear and respect that Arishol commands from others. Arishol, himself, ignores this, knowing that Cado is too dependable and, potentially, too much of a risk to dispose of.
  • Dez'ara Averotich: Lady Dez'ara Averotich and Arishol Septus have remained friends since childhood and the young Sith Warmaster was one of the first Ari turned to for enlistment into the Ascendancy's ranks. She began her work as Arishol's Warmaster and Wrath eventually accepted the position of Lord-Warden. The two have a strange friendship considering their familiarity and Dez often speaks to the Emperor in ways few others are permitted, with the latter tolerating it at some points and, when unable to, does not harm the Averotich. Whether this is because of respect of her skill or because of actual value over her person is unknown. Arishol often makes generous concessions toward the Averotich clan out of fear of open rebellion, the Clan being vast and filled with powerful warriors and holding much sway in the courts of Ascendancy space.
  • Nytokris Dom: Arishol views Nytokris as delicate compared to the rest of the Sith under his command, favoring her skills of subtlety and social intrigue over her skills with a saber. While he mostly values her for her skill in court, he does seem to place some personal importance on her, insisting on extensive armed escorts for her when she visits foreign space. The two agree on the shrewdness of persuading enemies into becoming allies rather than all-out destroying them, and Nyto has often been invited to the Septus' private parties and gatherings as a family friend.

After the marriage between her and his younger brother, Xython, Arishol came to protect her as a sister-in-law. Initially he distrusted Xython as a suitor for her due to Xython's violent temper, but the two have made each other stronger and, for that, the Emperor is grateful for the unexpectedly perfect match. Still, he worries that Xython might dishonor the young Sith maiden and, thus, keeps a close eye on his sibling when near them.

  • Sangu'is: The Lord-Minder Sangu'is earned his worth in Arishol's eyes as an astute scientist and researcher. Arishol entrusts many of his grand projects and ideas with Sangu'is and Vladonious both, having high expectations of the former after witnessing many of his successfully experiments convinced Arishol that the man was a genius. He often heeds Sang's advice regarding matters of science and study, though his long list of designs and projects often keeps the Minder busy. After Sangu'is stepped down from the High Council, Arishol hoped to put his exceptional talent elsewhere, hoping not to lose a great asset.
  • Nurun: Arishol admires Nurun's martial skill in spite of his age as well as his code of conduct and approach to leading as Lord-Justiciar. He often knows he can rely on Nurun as a man of loyalty but works to not issue him an order that might contradict his beliefs, leaving some of his seedier work to others who are more inclined toward it. The two have been known to spar on occasion, with Nurun teaching the Emperor how to best make use of the Sith Shields, and Arishol giving Nurun advice on opponent-manipulation (distractions, capitalizing on injuries or fear, enraging them...). Arishol views Nurun's weakness toward the Force as a tragic impairment but approves of Nurun trying to work past it and capitalize on his strengths.
  • Senyia Avis: Viewing the young Chiss woman as the pinnacle of what her people can accomplish, Arishol finds Senyia Avis astute and incredibly skilled in martial combat and a genius in warfare tactics. For this reason, he keeps her at the helm of the Sphere of Military Offense, trusting her with most operations required of the Ascendancy's army, navy, and marines as well as some special ops groups. He treats her with formal respect and often grants her special assignments of utmost importance, understanding her track record is one of often-times success.
  • Vladonious Vong: While holding a great deal of respect for Vladonious and House Vong both, Arishol sometimes worries the aged Sith's curiosity can prove dangerous at times. He places a great deal of interest in the Sith Inquisition's experiments but often has to place certain sanctions on various projects to prevent Vong from taking them too far. The two Sith have a very formal relationship, with Ari most often referring to him as "Lord Vong" or "Lord Ravegon" though in cases of extremity he may refer to him by his first name or even the shortened "Vlad" if time is short. At times, Ravegon serves as a mentor-figure to Arishol, advising him on ancient Sith matters that he knows not of such as dealing with spirits and Sithspawn. Arishol is a strong advocate for union between House Vong and House Septus, casting aside old rivalries. While he does demand that House Vong, like every other Ascendant Sith Clan, submit to House Septus, he does not use this to diminish the older Clan.
  • Zytto: Arishol places a great deal of trust in Zytto's skills and character, having him specially trained to serve in the Sovereign Guard. He trusts the man enough to allow him to protect the pregnant Aleph while the Ascendancy is at war with Zakuul.
  • Viiren:
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  • Hattori-Kendo:

Opinions Edit

  • The Force: Arishol has always viewed the Force in ways few Sith ever dare to. He sees it as more than just a tool, a means to an end. He sees it similarly to how the Jedi do; as a living organism that co-exists along with all other life in a symbiotic circle. However, he acknowledges that the Sith must learn to manipulate this being to its bidding if it is to conquer the problems that plague their existance, such as hunger, disease, war, pain, and even death. He has studied the Force and its applications, from both Light and Dark sides, and has come to the conclusion that the "sides" of the Force are a lie. There is no Light or Dark, there is only the Force. One of his goals is to become its master, for if he can break the circle and make it a pyramid with him at the top, he would truly be a god.
  • Politics: Arishol has studied political intrigue from a young age and knows his way around, from experience as Mercer's apprentice, on how to manipulate others and play the game of shadows that Sith play in the Empire. It is through well-placed bribes, blackmail, assassinations, and spy networks that Arishol has amassed the leverage and power needed to keep the Sith Empire at bay. Arishol enjoys control through political intrigue much more than open warfare such as his younger brother, Xython, does which is a main difference between the two. As far as actual political stance goes, Arishol promotes loyalty to the state and to the sovereignty above anything else but also encourages creativity and interaction among his subjects.
  • War: Unlike his brother, Xython, Arishol does not war for the sake of it. This is not to say that his Pureblood instincts do not drive him to conflict and that he does not relish a battle, however. But unlike Xython, who prefers direct and violent methods, Arishol will use whatever means necessary to end a conflict quickly and avoid unnecessary casualties for his men. He agrees with Xython that conflict is what stimulates growth and strength and is a part of what Sith are, but he knows that feuding for too long can take its toll. He sees the use of droids, tanks, walkers, and other machine-based engines of war as a useful but sometimes disposable tool to resolve a conflict quickly, even with but the threat of force rather than force itself. He prefers to only deploy actual soldiers and Sith on the field when the need arises or if an opportunity presents itself. He enjoys fighting from a distance, employing sniper tactics and flanking maneuvers against his enemies to out-step attackers. A common tactic that he employs that Xython agrees on is the Center-Wedge tactic of moving a massive corp of speeder-mounted Lancer troopers through the center of the enemy, dividing them in half and allowing the scattered army to be mowed down by advancing forces.
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History Edit

Birth Edit

Arishol was born to Karath and Yurith Septus, the heads of the Sith Pureblood Noble House of Septus. Arishol's birth was described as strenuous on Yurith but otherwise not as noteworthy as his younger brother, Xython's. His bone protrusions and spikes did not form until he reached puberty, so the doctors and nurses described him, in private, as being just a "red, squealing baby".

Upbringing Edit

As the firstborn son of House Septus, Arishol was named heir and raised to be one. His Force Sensitivity was always active, as evidenced by his mental link to his mother alerting her when he was hungry or afraid. However his capabilities with the Force did not truly manifest until he was three, when he began, with effort, to move things with the Force. These were just small toys and such that he managed to make roll to him on the floor, but Karath and Yurith both took pride that their son was showing Force capabilities at such a young age and Inquisitors, when making inquiries on him, commented that his talent might land him a spot in their ranks.

As he grew older, Arishol lost interest in toys and began more actively studying through holos and books. When he reached six, his father toured him of his family's legacy by taking him to visit the Sith Museum in Kaas City to view trinkets and such of Sith lore relating to their family and, eventually, showed him the "Scar of Xim" on Jundrel, a rocky world once inhabited by the old Sith Empire. The Scar of Xim was a massive canyon formed by their ancestor, Xim the Impaler, after she smashed a small meteor formed out of a chunk of the planet into her rival during a Kaggath, ending his life and forming the massive scar-like ruin on the planet's surface.

Sometime before Xython's birth, Karath privately showed Arishol the "Dark Ascendancy Project" that he was building as constructing in secret for his son as inheritance, making him swear never to tell anyone of it and to use it only for the betterment of their family.

Birth of Xython Edit

When Yurith became pregnant with Xython, Arishol formed a mental link with him as well even while he was developing in the womb. It is possible this mental link has continued on throughout their life and is the main reason Xython is so devoted to his older brother despite their disagreements.

When Xython was born, Arishol helped raise him alongside his parents but was often distracted by studies and training to spend time with his younger brother, who showed immense destructive power early on. The two brothers were close, though Xython always tried to impress his parents by defeating his older brother in combat. Arishol always viewed these as learning experiences for his younger brother and bested him handily at every attempt. While Xython's power was immense, it was wild and untamed whereas Arishol had focus and years of training ahead of the younger Pureblood.

Birth of Mau, Yurith's Death Edit

Yurith became pregnant with Mau while Arishol and Xython were still in their youths, their entry into the Academy being withheld so that the trio of brothers could train together before each one goes to the Academy. Arishol noticed early on that his mother was growing sick often while pregnant with his second sibling. He reassured Xython, and himself, that she was fine and there would be no problems with her or their new brother. His assurances would become null on the day that Yurith prematurely gave birth to Mau and died during the procedure, much to everyone's shock.

Arishol was given his mother's musical locket that she used to sooth him and his brother when they were upset, while Xython was given a personal letter hand written by her, indicating she knew of her eventual fate even before entering the operating room. The new brother was named Mau, and while Xython remained bitter and decided to vent his loss on hating the new sibling, Arishol could not bring himself to put such hatred on an innocent, especially his younger brother. For this reason Arishol defended Mau often from Xython's wrath, and the two grew close because of it, with Mau often looking up to Arishol and wanting to emulate him as a Sith.

Training for the Kaas Academy Edit

Not long after the death of their mother, Arishol and Xython began training under tutors and specialists for the grueling trials of the Sith Academy. While Mau trained with them as well when he got older, he was not at the right age for entry and mostly spent his time studying. The Twi'lek Sith tutor, Lord Argam, noted that Arishol's hunger for knowledge, Force aptitude, and physical capabilities made him an ideal prospective Sith, particularly in the field of Inquisition. Xython, on the other hand, was a master of combat tactics and training but faltered when it came to studying academics or other fields. Thus, the younger brother was dubbed best suited for Warrior training. Karath agreed, and while the studying did not end for Xython, the focus steered more toward his combat proficiency, much to his delight.

Hours were spent in the courtyards of the Septus Palace, with Karath watching as his sons dueled each other with wooden practice swords until they could fight no longer. Arishol remembered the strain was more on him than his brother but he kept winning every fight, besting Xython in every way even as his brother threw all he had into the battle.

Academy Entry Edit

Finally the time had come for Arishol to enter the Dromund Kaas Sith Academy, along with many other prospective Sith Acolytes. He was assigned under the temporary Overseer, Darth Nostrem, who was serving at the Academy for a time. Early on Arishol found a rival and enemy in Bartec Brimkel and the two strove for excellence in the eyes of Nostrem and the other Overseers. The basis for their rivalry was that Arishol, a Pureblood, was destined for greatness while a lowborn such as Bartec would have to fight tooth-and-nail for everything. Arishol, while not initially looking down on Bartec, was pushed into rivalry with him by the latter's hostility and the young Septus' need to uphold his family name and pride.

First Trial: Warblade Forge Edit

The first Trial began months after Arishol had entered the Academy. Months of studying and training had prepared Arishol and his fellow Acolytes for their first Trial, attaining a Warblade. The Acolytes ventured deep into the jungles of Dromund Kaas until reaching a tomb. Arishol recalled that his Acolyte class of over fifty turned to roughly twelve that day when the Acolyte group tried to breach the tomb's defenses of beasts, mutated creatures, droids, and automated traps. Through strength of will, endurance, and cunning, Bartec, Arishol, and a few other Acolytes reached the armory of the tomb and took their picks of various Warblades. A scuffle nearly ensued between Arishol and Bartec over a certain Warblade before an Acolyte by the name of Hans talked Bartec down.

Second Trial: Interrogations Edit

Two months pass until Arishol's second Trial begins. By this point, training and securing artifacts had become the end of a few more Acolytes, leaving only five remaining, including Arishol and Bartec. These Acolytes are randomly sent to the jails of Nostrem's estate or the Academy itself to be tested in their second Trial, a Trial of assessment in personality. When Arishol's time came, he was escorted to Nostrem's jails where he was watched by jailer Kost as the young Pureblood decided the fates of three prisoners, a Kaleesh warlord, a Trandoshan murdurer, and a Twi'lek thief.

"You told me you wanted to test our strength. We also tested yours." -Arishol to Valtek.

  • Valtek: The first prisoner presented before young Arishol was an equally young Kaleesh Warlord named Valtek who had waged war against Imperial forces across the jungles of Felucia before finally being captured by one of Nostrem's elite battalions. Arishol questioned the Kaleesh about his motives behind fighting the Empire and about how skillset before finally determining that Valtek would serve Arishol personally, much to Kost's dismay. Valtek was released and immediately attempted to kill his captors before being subdued and lectured by Arishol about the meaning of strength. After this, Valtek remained at Arishol's side loyally as he determined the fates of the other prisoners.
  • Vessk: Vessk was a Trandoshan mercenary framed for the murder of several Sith Acolytes within Kaas City. Vessk, out of shame and depression at being captured and having his Jagganath points rendered void, ignored Arishol as he tried to question him about the murders. Unimpressed by the reptilians' refusal to cooperate, Arishol executed him coldly with his Force Lightning and moved on to the last prisoner. Kost was delighted by the display and Valtek remained unfazed.
  • Iana Fezz: Iana was a slicer who worked for the Exchange to pay off debts but was captured trying to secure Imperial shuttle codes. Arishol was annoyed by her pleads for mercy but insisted on asking about her capabilities as a slicer. Surprised by his interest, she revealed her talents and training and Arishol thus sent her to Imperial Intelligence. Kost was intrigued but disappointed at the lack of bloodshed. Arishol and Valtek were sent on their way and Kost made a full report, including a holo of the entire engagement, to Nostrem, who was pleased by Arishol's pragmatism and sense of duty and gave him a passing score.

Third Trial: Blood Rite Edit

After passing his second Trial, Arishol was soon after brought before a tomb by a few of Nostrem's followers. There he was stripped of all but his Warblade and light clothing to face a massive Sithspawned Terentatek in single combat. Nostrem tasked him with slaying the beast, bathing in its blood, and then feasting upon its heart to be reborn as a Sith. Arishol fought hard but was not prepared for the creatures' massive size. The monster tossed Arishol across the tomb and beat him to near death. Nostrem, while watching on, was beginning to worry that his high hopes for the Acolyte were misplaced. But after the creature bent down to bite down on the Acolyte, Arishol quickly released a spate of Force Lightning upon its maw.

The pained and infuriated beast roared and as it was stunned by the pain, Arishol took a chance and plunged his Warblade into the monster's gut, sliced it open and allowing the creature's bowels to spill out. As it fell and struggled to attack him, he sliced its massive hide where it could not reach him and the monster eventually succumbed to its wounds and died. Nostrem revealed that Lord Mercer, the Sith that Arishol had been trying to impress, had witnessed the entire fight. Mercer commended Arishol and admitted to having high hopes for the young Sith, though Ari had little time to relish the pride of his victory before succumbing to his own wounds and passing out.

Fourth Trial: Arishol vs Bartec Edit

The final Trial was navigating a training simulation designed by Nostrem to reach a Lightsaber Forge where the sole victor would attain their Lightsaber as well as a position as Lord Mercer's apprentice. The two Acolytes fought hard and managed to either outmaneuver or force their way through Nostrem's automated defenses until finally reaching the Forge chamber, acknowledging that they must duel to the death for the place at Mercer's side. While Arishol commented on his respect for Bartec, the latter showed nothing but scorn and hatred for what Arishol represented - the biased prejudice against those of low birth that stagnated the Empire and weakened its military strength. Arishol, determined to prove his rival wrong, fought fiercely and implemented the use of destructive Force Lightning against his opponent. To rival this, Bartec implemented creative use of Force telekinesis to throw objects such as crates and wall lights at Arishol, who was unprepared for such a skilled opponent.

The battle was long and grueling, with Nostrem and Mercer viewing from a hidden viewport overhead. At many points, the fight turned in either Acolyte's favor, with Bartec punishing Arishol's body with stones and strikes from his Warblade, and Arishol returning each delivered blow with a counterattack. Eventually the two grew exhausted from the fight, and the exhaustion weighed heavily on Bartec as he made a critical error in a strike that lead to Arishol severing his right arm. The fierce, lowborn Acolyte attempted to crush Arishol's windpipe with the Force but the latter was quick enough to slice off many of the fingers on Bartec's left hand, leaving him effectively disarmed and stunned. The young Pureblood finished his rival off with a swift decapitation, leaving the Acolyte's head rolling down the steps of the chamber and the victorious Arishol to claim his first Lightsaber, which he christened Kilti, or "Ascend" in Sith tongue.

Serving Lord Mercer Edit

<Arishol works hard to impress Lord Mercer.>

Rising Prodigy Edit

<Lord Mercer's other Apprentices become envious of Arishol's rise to glory.>

Assassin Work Edit

<Arishol assassinates several key enemies of Lord Mercer's within the Empire.>

Resurgence of the Empire Edit

<Arishol's family celebrates the retaking of Korriban.>

Hand of Mercer Edit

<Arishol serves Mercer's will in the Empire's war against the Republic.>

Battle of Taris Edit

<Arishol lays siege to Taris and keeps a Nexu from the battle as a pet.>

Taking the Endar Spire Edit

Rhades as a Prisoner Edit

Fleeing Taris Edit

Skirmishes on Endor Edit

<Arishol is granted a Mandalorian squad to raid Republic bases on Endor's forest moon.>

Battle of Christophsis Edit

<Arishol attempts to take the Republic's mining colony on Christophsis.>

Stranded on Nelvaan Edit

<Arishol flees from the Republic only to become stranded on the cold planet Nelvaan.>

Life as Piros Isten Edit

Liberation Edit

Mercer's Rebellion Edit

<Darth Mercer rebels against his fellow Sith and expects Arishol to comply.>

Life as a Lord Edit

<Rewarded for his loyalty, Lord Sarreth consolidates his new Powerbase.>

Siege of Mon Calamari Edit

<Lord Sarreth, aboard the Rampant, serves alongside the Dread Fleet against the Mon Calamari.>

Father's Gift Edit

<As a dying gift, Karath leaves Arishol his secretive Powerbase.>

The Battle of Coruscant Edit

<Sarreth serves as a member of the Sith strike team that takes the Jedi Temple.>

Lord Sarreth vs Hattori-Kendo Edit

<Lord Sarreth's fateful duel against Jedi Master Hattori-Kendo.>

Treaty of Coruscant Edit

Attaining Darth rank Edit

Facing Black Sun Edit

Operation: Silent Blade Edit

Infighting after Rachniss Edit

Mau Exposed Edit

Septus Family Trial Edit

"Nova Incident" Edit

<Darth Sarreth saves the lives of two Mandalorians after the Battle of Phindar.>

Equipment Edit

Armor Edit

Screenshot 2015-09-04 15 28 11 464478

Arishol's Sith armour

  • Sith Armour: Half of Arishol's funds he gained from inheriting Lord Mercer's powerbase he invested in his own, personal set of armour. Made of a flexible padding reinforced with Phrik plates, the armour set initially consisted only of a vest and leg guards but Arishol, over time, modified it to include his cloth lower robe, gauntlets, and pauldrons, the latter two made of Mandalorian iron.

Lightsabers Edit


The Black-Red Colour crystal of Darth Xao, wielded by Arishol.

"The Lightsaber. The tool of the Sith. This was passed to me by my father... and my father's father... and his father before him." -Arishol regarding Fatajia.

Arishol has a small collection of Lightsabers at his disposal, some he keeps as trophies, taken from Jedi he has killed during the war. Others he either inherited, built, or had made for him.

  • Original Lightsaber: The first Lightsaber Arishol ever wielded, he never named, as it was constructed and used by Mercer's master. Arishol used it on occasion against opponents during his days under Mercer's service, though it was eventually destroyed in battle against a rival Sith.
  • Fatajia: Meaning "Legacy" in the Sith tongue, Fatajia is a Lightsaber constructed by the original Xython Septus during his reign as Head of the Septus Clan. It was made with the design of a Dragon's head on the pommel of the hilt, created to serve as a sort of "badge of office" for the Head of the Septus clan. The Shadowsaber crystal of Darth Xao was used in its construction, granting it enhanced destructive capabilities compared to standard Lightsabers. Arishol often carries it at his side, clipped to his utility belt on the right side of his body.
  • Akesi va: Arishol's original Saberstaff, Akesi va was constructed in the caves of Ziost at Mercer's instruction. Arishol named it "Akesi va", Sith for "Reaper". He used this Saberstaff against the Jedi and Republic soldiers during the Sacking of Coruscant. It was destroyed by Master Hattori-kendo during their duel. Arishol re-constructed it with a new, slightly reinforced guard later on in life along with a Shadowsaber crystal to enhance its performance.

Utilities Edit

  • Utility belt: On both his armour and robe, Arishol keeps a utility belt on him carrying various tools, pieces of equipment, emergency food stores, and even small weapons. His Lightsabers hook onto this belt.
  • Macronocular: Arishol uses a small Macronocular to view objects from a distance with various vision modes. He keeps it within a satchel on the back of his utility belt.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Arishol is noted for being extremely powerful with the Force, commanding years of experience and training as well as an innate affinity for the Dark Side thanks to his Sith heritage. While his Midichlorian count is not as great as Xython's, Arishol has a better understanding of and relationship with his power than Xython. From basic techniques such as mind tricks and telekinesis, to more advanced arts such as Force Storms and Crushing Darkness, Arishol boasts of a large list of abilities to assist him both in combat and in his daily life.

Skills/Training Edit

  • Cooking: Arishol has been taught by both his mother and Aleph on how to cook things from eggs to Yaka noodles. Arishol himself adds that he is not a skilled cook and that there are many things about cooking that escape him. He is best at flaying and cooking fish, as he himself admits.
  • Speeder piloting: Arishol is used to the controls of Imperial speeders though interlock controls and other additions that Republic speeders use are lost on him, making piloting non-Imperial speeders difficult for the Sith. He prefers maneuverability to speed, unlike Aleph, and finds piloting super-charged speeders both difficult and intimidating.
  • Starship piloting: On the other hand, Arishol is an excellent pilot and has flown the Hadzuska through numerous scenarios with an ace-level of skill. He has had the ship modified and made suitable to his liking and describes flying it as "similar to breathing" in its ease. He usually disdains flying anything but the Hadzuska, even if it is another Fury-Interceptor, simply due to the variations from his usual ship.
  • Engineering: The Sith Lord is mediocre at repairing and upkeeping his ships and speeders, only being able to make basic repairs to rudimentary issues. He often relies on the use of on-hand mechanics or engineers to keep his ships flight-ready.
  • Medical skill: Likewise, Arishol has below average knowledge of medical application, relying mostly on Kolto shots, Stim injections, and Medical kits with instructions to keep himself, or others, alive in the field.
  • Warfare Tactics: Tactics in warfare is an artistry to the Dark Lord, who has outmaneuvered and overwhelmed many armies, hosts, and armed forces in battle over the years. He often prefers planting sabotage within the ranks of his enemy, whether through terror tactics or through subversives spreading discontent. When he feels the enemy is significantly weakened enough or unfit to fight against his forces, he prefers to overwhelm the enemy with superior numbers.
  • Lightsaber Combat:
  • Saberstaff Combat:

Force Abilities Edit

Sith Magic/Alchemy Edit

Ship(s) Edit

Nox Fury-class

The Hadzuska

  • Fury-Class Interceptor:

Quotes by Arishol Edit

  • "Sometimes a bone must be broken in order for a wound to be set." -during the siege of Taris.
  • "Peace is a lie. But order is very real, and through order, the illusion of peace may be achieved."
  • "Conflict is the essence of life. It is how the weak is usurped by the strong, and how things improve. You people always preach about equality and peace, but where will peace lead you besides stagnation and senseless suffering?" -to Hattori-kendo during their duel.
  • "Your victories? In my youth, I besieged Taris and brought some of the most elite soldiers the Republic has ever produced to their end. I fought with Darth Malgus and cut down dozens of Jedi in their very temple. At Oricon, I smashed the Dread Legion's fleet in spite of their better numbers and equipment. Tell me, wretch, what victories have you accomplished in your short life that can equate to that?" -to Lord Malaphayus.
  • "Let those who would serve bend their knees to us. Crucify those who would further resist. By dawn, I want the Ascendancy's flag flying over this fort." -before the attack on Fort Donnel.

Quotes about Arishol Edit

  • "He is not dissimilar to the alpha of a Tuk'ata hound pack. Mild mannered when fed, but when threatened, even I tremble in fear of his power. - Aleph, describing her husband to new Initiates.

Trivia Edit

  • His character theme song, as chosen by the author, is the "Walk on Water" Demo by Ozzy Osbourne.
  • His battle theme is "Animal" by Disturbed.
  • Like most Sith Purebloods, Arishol is left-handed but has made himself able to use both when training to use the Saberstaff.
  • His favorite food is salted Reek pork with seasoned Yaka noodles and either sweet tea or Corellian Spiced Rum.
  • His least favorite foods are Nelvaanian broth and Bantha jerky.
  • His list of fluent languages is: Basic, Sith, High Sith, Huttese, Mando'a, and a bit of Nelvaanian after his extensive time on the planet. His list of understood languages is: Binary (Droidspeak), Dosh (Trandoshan), Jawaese, Pak Pak (Neimoidian), Rodese, and some Shyriiwook and Tusken.
  • His views have often been compared to that of the "Grey Sith", though Arishol would insist his views, if they had to be classified, would be "Independent".
  • Violet is his favourite color, despite his frequent use of black and red color schemes.
  • His hobbies include: Writing, Painting, Reading Holos and documentaries, playing Dejarik with Aleph, hunting, sparring, and meditating. In his youth, he enjoyed collecting Sith masks and helms and storing them in his personal gallery.
  • His age during the timeline of Shadow of Revan Expansion is 92. After the five-year timeskip of Knights of the Fallen Empire, he is 97 years old and is nearing his first centennial life-cycle.
  • His sexual orientation is Pansexual.
  • His name was inspired by the "Arishok" character from the video game Dragon Age 2.
  • His character design was inspired by Stannis Baratheon and Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones.