Aleph Septus-Arcanion Edit

Darth Nyctus, born as Aleph Arcanion, is a Sith Pureblood reigning from House Acanion. She is the wife of Arishol Septus and sister-in-law to his brothers Xython Septus and Mau Septus.

Appearance Edit

As a Sith Pureblood, Aleph has dark pink skin, with gold jewelry on her cheekbones that accent her golden eyes. Her short wavy hair is a bold red and her bangs frame her face on both sides. She is of average height and has small bone ridges on her sternum, forearms, between her shoulders, and on her calves. These bone ridges are much more subdued than her husband's due to sexual dimorphism within the species. She has two long bone spines emerging from her jawline which frame her chin.

Born to a wealthy house, Aleph's taste in clothing is very refined, and she wears luxurious silks, furs, and plenty of jewelry made with fine gemstones. While on the Septurian Dragon or any of her estates, she can be seen wearing one of her large fur cloaks, usually in the color of wine, obsidian, or snow. She usually wears form-fitting dark dresses, preferring purple or black to contrast to her rose-colored skin. While out in the wilderness or in public, she tends to a white and gold silk robe top, with formfitting pants and armored gauntlets and greaves.